26 Aug

Joe Seyfried’s interview

 1) How did you hear about the EMC and what made you want to take part?

It takes place in my own club and I always said to myself that it would be a good tournament to do.

  • 2) How many times have you played in the EMC? What results have you got?

I’ve already played 3 times, this year’ll be my 4th.

The 1st year, I finished 40th I think, and the other years 10th, 11th, something like that.

  • 3) What are your feelings about this competition in general? About the level?

The tournament is well organised. The groups, and all that, it’s all well thought and done.

The level is quite high because there are players from all over Europe.

  • 4) A word on other European players? Who are you afraid of?

I’m most afraid of Andrea LEVENKO, from Austria, and Anders LIND from Denmark, who played together the boys 98 final.

  • 5) What is your goal this year? A medal?

Yes, but a gold medal!

  • 6) What is your preparation to reach that goal in the EMC? Have you been having specific practice and physical training?

I think that in practice session, we’ll play more games, and do fewer exercises.

  • 7) Any long-term ambition?

I’d really love to take part in the European Youth Championship, and as a senior, get a medal in the Olympic games or the world championship.