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Author: Thierry WICK


As has been the case for the last 4 years, a group of about 30 players born between 1997 and 2000 has been practising intensely this summer, either in Vittel (in the Vosges) from 28 June to 10 July or in Fouras (in the Charente Maritime) from 3 to 14 August (or even both for some).

It is worth noting that some of the young players also went to China after the Vittel training session, with the Ile de France (greater Paris) elite group. 15 will also take part in a training week with the young hopefuls of the ITTF, starting on 22 August and ending when the EMC starts.

Many thanks to the coaches and partners who came along to help them improve and prepare for this important competition.

In Vittel: Benjamin GENIN, Guillaume SIMONIN, Claude BARD, Christophe DELORY, David RIGAULT, Nicolas GAUDELAS, Florian HAUSHALTER, Benjamin GIVONE, Joévin GERVAIS et Jean Denis CONSTANT…

In Fouras : Vincent AUMOITTE, Damien LOISEAU, Arnaud VALIERE, Florian MAILLARD, Adeline LENGERT, Stéphanie SCHAEFFER, Marine EHRET, Charlène LABONIA, Océane WATIGNY, Anne Sophie JEAN, Marina BERHO, Baptiste PAULET et Jean Denis CONSTANT…

A Schiltigheim : Etienne GUICHERD, Damien LOISEAU et Jean-Denis CONSTANT….

Many thanks to the TT clubs of Etival, Toul, Vittel, Fouras and to the Lorraine league for their involvement in tournaments organised every Thursday during the summer sessions.

Come on boys and girls!